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Mi Birthday Wish

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

What to do? What to dooo!? Isn’t that always the epic question… To go clubbing or to have a 20 person celebratory dinner. In theory, you get this 1 day out of the year, where the world recognizes it, as YOUR day. It's that treat yo’ self - live your best life day. There’s an expectation to do (or better yet to post it on social media) something super cool to commemorate the day. And if you don’t? ¿Que pasa? What if you choose to spend your day in bed, being "basic," watching "The Office" re-runs with a big bowl of kettle-corn popcorn? ¿Que pasa? Does that mean your birthday is basic (henceforth you are too) and are unworthy of my follow? ¿Muchach@, que te pasa? It's your birthday and you can chill if you want to! #Bye to the constantly rising social media expectations! #RantOver

On a personal note, I love to travel. For myself; not for work or obligation. I’ve travelled for 3 consecutive years. But this year, I chose to work. Currently typing this at the hotel in Atlanta and as you’re reading this, you might already know my turn up happened on a stage, giving my very best to our #JSquared show and showcasing my love for what I do; dance.

I’ve accomplished so much and I look forward to experimenting with my potential to achieve much more! I’m truly living my best life. #HuggingMyself I am loved and I feel loved. I want to thank Jonathan for making me feel special, in an environment he knew I took as work and non-special. He reminded me how many people I have come to know and love because this, that I call work now. It reminded me why I fell in love with dance congresses, back when I started celebrating my birthday at the 2012 International Salsa Bachata Congress in Tampa, Florida. #ISBC showed me, in such a beautiful way, that I didn't need travel to some exotic country, running around like Dora the explorer, to feel validation. I'm so privileged to have a life partner that sparks in me a love like Allie’s. A love that is as free as a bird ;) My goal was not to find a love that loves me, but a love that breaks the mold and lets me love freely. There is no guarantee that we will last forever but we work each day (#babysteps) towards forever. I love how we work as a team to keep building a love that we never want to be without. When I am sad, he is there as a reminder of the good and why I should always push through.

I can't continue without mentioning #LasPotras; my #Powerpuff sisters and together we tackle life's #WTF's moments together and support each other's #WOW moments. Thank you for always being there no matter the distance.

On my actual birthday, I woke up AGRADECIDA. One, for the Papa Johns that had just arrived (talk about amazing timing) and two, for one more day. One more day of life, to live, to love, to inspire, and to spread kindness, especially now in such a gloomy period, where negativity, unfortunately, leads the free world. As I begin to close another decade of my life, I feel inspired to keep growing. More coffee (insert Oprah yaaasss gif), more experiences, and more freedom. #Bye to society's expectation of "you need to have it all together" mentality. I choose my life. I will make mistakes and fail terribly. But I have to learn to love that process because that's my journey. My journey is what makes me happy. My journey makes my dreams come true. Thank you if you made it this far, you're the real MVP. All I wish is that we never stop dreaming. #Namaste


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